How to Install Presets

1. From your mobile device, tap on the preset download link (If you download from your desktop device, you'll need to manually transfer the file to your mobile device.)
2. You'll be prompted with: "Do you want to download?"
3. Tap on "Download"
4. The file will be saved on the upper right hand corner of Safari (an icon with a down arrow)
5. Tap on the downloads icon and then on the icon for the file (it looks like a document)
6. The phone will open a blank screen.
7. Click on the Share button on the top right.
8. Find the Lightroom App on the horizontal apps scroller.
9. You'll be prompted with "Lightroom. The shared photo will be imported on the next app launch."
10. Tap on "Launch Lightroom Now"
11. Find the a new photo in your library. It has your preset's name and a preview picture.
12. Tap it to open it and follow the instructions provided in the image, repeated here:
13. Tap and the three dots on the upper right hand corner.
14. Tap on "Create Preset"
15. Give it a name and choose a folder to save it.
16. Your preset is now installed.
17. Open any photo and find your new presets in the lower horizontal scroll menu. It's all the way on the right! 
18. Tap on the preset to apply it.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll never have to reference this guide again.

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